"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Ben Franklin

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We had a blast at Wurstfest opening both weekends, took lots of photos and made a respectable showing in the MassKrugStemmen competition! 

A pint of beer is better for you after a workout than water

Yesterday we were warned of the health dangers associated with alcohol - not to mention bacon, ham and sausages.

Today there is more cheering news from a different set of scientists.

They have come up with the perfect excuse for heading to the pub after a game of football or rugby.

Their research has shown that a glass of beer is far better at rehydrating the body after exercise than water.

Researchers suspect that the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint may help people absorb fluids more quickly.

Visitors to the Munich Oktoberfest this year drank their way into the history books

"Visitors to the Munich Oktoberfest this year drank their way into the history books by downing an unprecedented 7 million liters of beer...The impressive list of lost items includes...a leather whip, a live rabbit, a tuba, a ship in a bottle, 1,450 items of clothing, 770 identity cards, 420 wallets, 366 keys, 330 bags and 320 pairs of glasses, 90 cameras and 90 items of jewelry and watches. A total of 37 children were also lost."
-- from Spiegel Online

Hats of Wurstfest 2006

One of the things that makes Wurstfest in New Braunfels special is the wide variety of fun hats that patrons wear. Several years ago I started to photograph the crazy hats and their owners. In this gallery, you will find my photo essay "The Hats of Wurstfest 2006". Enjoy!

Wurstfest 2006

Group photos and miscellaneous pictures from Wurstfest 2006.

Paris Hilton in a Dirndl

Paris Hilton knows a fetching outfit when she sees one -- even if it's something more likely to be found on Bavarian women heading toward church on a crisp Sunday morning in the Alps...

"I love Germany and Munich is one of the coolest cities," she said, adding that it was her first time at Oktoberfest...

Caterers at Oktoberfest expect to serve 1.6 million gallons of beer, 500,000 roast chickens and 90 roast oxen...

More about Paris Hilton at Oktoberfest...

SAB Miller sponsors beer scientist

SABMiller is to sponsor a new chair of Brewing Science at The University of Nottingham.

The first brewing scientist to take up the position will be Professor Katherine Smart, who joins the university's School of Biosciences from Oxford Brookes University. Professor Smart is one of the country's leading experts in yeast and fermentation process, a major factor in determining the quality and flavour of beer.

The chair, which will be sponsored by SABMiller with an initial grant of £167,000, also marks the launch of a new postgraduate programme at the university, an MSc in Brewing Science.

Texas Events

Texas Events

Is this a great state or what? Texas has lively festivals, fiestas and fishing tournaments. Spicy chili cookoffs, tear-inducing jalapeño eating contests, chamber music affairs and authentic cattle round-ups. A plethora of diverse events all add up to fun galore in the Lone Star State. There's an event for every taste!